In the year 1999 this firm was started with main focus is the replacement market of Automotive Windscreen Glasses.


As we know the Glass are in fragile in nature and Windscreen is also a glass so during accidents or mishandling in the vehicles it has a tendency of breakage. This also replaced due to growing pollution in the air is creating lot of dust particles that makes our windscreen glass blurt , this make our visibility poor during night driving or during rainy days hence the replacement is required.


The strife for us is to be a winner, all the way. This whole ambition to move ahead, a reliable retail experience, where the focus is “Customer Satisfaction” and “Relationship Building”. That’s what our engines are powered.


To achieve and maintain a position, built upon an organization that understands the customer’s needs and exceeds expectations at every moment of truth, creating trust and customer loyalty and in turn sustainable growth and value is the mission.



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